Tips To Make Rooftop Camping In A Jeep Much More Comfortable

A rooftop tent is a perfect addition to your Jeep if you like to go camping. These sturdy tents balance between the top of the Jeep or other car and a ladder, and they offer more room to stretch out in when you sleep. If you're tired of curling up in your backseat and want space, then a rooftop tent may be the answer. These tents are comfortable to begin with, but you can do a few things to make the experience even better.

Remember to Bring Leveling Blocks

When you reach your campsite, you may find that the spot is a little uneven. If you're camping at an actual campground, this shouldn't be an issue, but out in a park or near the beach, it can be. Carry leveling blocks with you. These are blocks that you drive up onto, and you use one or more (they stack) under the tires that will be in lower spots. Leveling blocks will make the Jeep more level and allow you to sleep on a relatively even plane.

Use a Solar Generator

If you're camping near the coast or at a higher elevation, you could be faced with a cold night in that tent. Being up higher where there might be more wind will also make it colder in the tent. A generator is wonderful to have, but gas-powered generators have to be secured outside the tent, far enough away that the fumes won't reach where you are. One solution is to use a solar generator, which does not emit fumes and can be kept closer to the tent. Some brands even say their solar generators can be used inside. And, if you're at a campground, solar generators are quiet, which is nice and shouldn't bother your neighbors.

Keep Your Keys With You

If you're out in the middle of nowhere, the only person around for miles, you might be tempted to leave most of your stuff in your Jeep or tent so that you aren't weighed down by anything. Why carry things with you as you set up your grill or sit outside the car, looking at the stars? Even if you think you're the only person around, keep your keys on your person. Lock away valuables if you're not going to carry them, although keeping your wallet and phone with you would be appropriate.

If you have to drive off quickly—perhaps you find out you're not alone and really don't like the looks of the person approaching you, or someone shows up and tells you you're on private land and to go away now—you won't have to scramble up into the tent to find your keys. You can fold everything up fast and drive away. Usually, camping in a Jeep with a roof tent is lots of fun and very safe. Keeping your keys with you is a just-in-case move that is better to do even if you have never had to leave quickly before.

It's also a great idea to camp somewhere where you can access services for car and Jeep campers. From buying extra supplies to finding out what the neat hiking routes are in the area, a campground or business that helps those camping in roof tents and cars can be very helpful.

To learn more about Jeep tent camping, contact a camping and outdoor supplier in your area.

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