Your Stay At A Long Term RV Park

While you are traveling in your RV this summer, you may decide to park your vehicle in an RV campground for an extended amount of time. A long-term RV park offers private sites, outdoor activities, and several amenities that will make your stay comfortable and accommodating. 

The Setting

Research the area where you are traveling. The geographical location of your destination may influence whether a long-term RV park will feature waterfront sites, wooded sites, or a combination of the two.

Since you will be parking your RV in one spot for a longer duration than what you may be accustomed to, carefully research the setting of each month-to-month park that you are considering renting space in. If privacy is a priority of yours, select a park that features heavily wooded sites that are spaced out from one another.

If you are a social person who enjoys swimming, boating, and participating in many other outdoor activities, pick a park that features waterfront sites that are within close proximity to the area where you will be participating in your favorite activities.

The Site Costs And Inclusions

A long-term RV park may feature weekly or monthly rates. The rate of a site will be dependent upon its size and location. A site may contain a fire ring and a full electrical hookup. This type of site will cost more than a basic site that doesn't provide any extra features.

If you will be spending an equal amount of time inside of your RV and inside of a tent that you will be setting up on your site, request a larger site that includes all of the characteristics that you need to make your stay comfortable.

The Amenities

RV parks typically feature clubhouses, laundry facilities, stores, recreational equipment, and a variety of other amenities that will make a vacation enjoyable. Upon choosing the park that you will be staying at, request a brochure or a map that highlights the park's layout.

Plan how you will spend your time during your stay at the park. If the park is located in a tourist area, prepare plans that combine taking advantage of what the park has to offer, plus choose some points of interest that you will visit during your stay. Because you will be staying at the RV park for a considerable amount of time, you will have plenty of opportunities to pursue all of the activities that appeal to you.

Visit a long-term RV park to learn more. 

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